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Running Apps – Zombies, Run!


There are tons of Apps out there, ready to help you with your running. They usually all record the same sort of metrics. Distance, time, where you have run, etc. My favourite running app of the moment is called Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is a running app with the added fun of being chased by zombies. It takes all of the usual stats, distance, time etc. and it throws in a story along with it.

What it is on – You can get Zombies, Run! on iOS and Android.

The Story – The Zombie apocalypse has happened. The world has been taken over by the undead hordes. You get dropped into the township of Able and take on the role of Runner 5. Runners have an important job to do after the apocalypse. They go out and get supplies, distract the undead and more. However, there’s more to the story than just surviving the undead. You hear the story unfold during missions that you undertake for the town by ways of the people that are directing you on your missions, others Runners that you go on missions with and with people that you meet in the world.

How it works – All you have to do is start a mission and then start running. Once you start a mission, a snippet of story will be played to you, usually your radio operator telling you what your mission is. Then, if you have songs on your device, a song or two will be played and then you’ll get another bit of story. This carries on for about 30mins – 1hour, depending on your settings. If you are still running after the mission has ended, you go into “radio mode” where you will get to hear a couple of radio operators talking about randomness and life after the zombie uprising while they play you songs. You also pick up supplies while you run. These are used in a base building minigame for afterwards. There is a setting for Zombie Chase mode as well, where you will get notified that you have zombies chasing you. You have to speed up for about a minute to escape the undead, otherwise you drop supplies to escape.


What is recorded – All the usual information is recorded on your runs. You can access it on your phone or you can link up to it on the website. Below is my last run as recorded on the website. As well as all the usual gubbins, Distance, Duration/Time, Average Speed, Average Pace and approximate calories burnt, you also get how many supplies you collected and even what songs were played on your run as well.


My Thoughts –  The thing that really sets this app apart from the rest for me is the story. I have wanted to go out and run more just to find out what happens next. I like the voice acting and the characters are great. I’m sure that I’ve looked like a mad woman when running because of this app. The story has had me laughing and grinning at points and holding back tears at others. Neither look great while running, but I no longer care about that. The data it collects is a decent amount and will let you see the basics you need. The app does cost a little bit of money, but it’s well worth it.

Added extra – For beginners, there is a 5k training app as well. It takes place between the first two missions of the main storyline with all the same characters and voice actors. I’ve been playing through it, even though I can already run 5k.

Basically, if you like stories about zombies and you want something interesting to run to, I highly suggest Zombies, Run!


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